Wedding – happiness for two anywhere

marriage. The most beautiful of all existing family holidays and celebrations, so almost all couples who once decide to formalize their relationship in the registry office dream of it.

Why formalize relationships?

Because today couples can live together without official registration, but this is a sin, and it is the decision to officially become husband and wife that usually becomes an occasion to try on wedding dresses and suits, in search of a “dream” outfit, to look for a good photographer to leave a memory of the best day of life, order a wedding cortege to drive around the city like noble persons and many other pre-wedding chores.

So, when the decision is made: “Wedding – to be”, the question arises – where?

Now there are a lot of options to celebrate the celebration: in a restaurant or at home, on board a ship or in nature, at home or abroad.

For the latter option, there are a huge number of places on earth, the most common destinations today are exotic islands: Maldives, Bohams, Malta, Seychelles, Bali… Many young people go to celebrate their wedding in major European cities – Vienna, Munich, Rome, Paris, etc. d.

Of course, a wedding abroad is expensive, but if the young have the means to celebrate the celebration in a good Russian restaurant, with an excellent menu and according to all modern traditions, then they will have enough money for a slightly more modest celebration abroad. Here, of course, everything depends on the choice of place and the number of services offered by travel agencies selling various wedding tours.

However, abroad also has its pros and cons. As a plus, you can consider the opportunity to celebrate the celebration in a bright and unusual way, and at the same time – to have a great honeymoon in always excellent weather, in a consistently pleasant climate and with a complete “kaleidoscope” of all amenities for a good rest.

Well, the minus of such a wedding is the inability to invite many guests and register the marriage officially (in many countries this will require a lot of additional hassle and expenses) and, of course, difficulties in purchasing wedding attributes abroad. Even if it’s expensive. True, nothing prevents you from visiting a wedding salon in your homeland and acquiring all the necessary entourage for a wedding “at home”, but even here there may be difficulties with their transportation, especially a wedding dress.

And yet, it’s not in vain that they say that with “sweet paradise and in a hut”, therefore, in order to feel happy on your wedding day, you can do without all this paraphernalia.

Kozma Prutkov also said: “If you want to be happy, be happy”. And no matter where and when.