Why do we need car hood deflectors?

The automotive industry offers car owners many different accessories that make it more convenient and safe to use, give it an attractive appearance.

One of these products is a deflector on the hood. Initially, it began to be used in areas with a subtropical climate. The fact is that local insects had such caustic entrails that, breaking on the windshield, they left indelible stains and could even damage the paint layer. To combat this phenomenon, a device was developed that was attached to the hood. It created a special aerodynamic flow that directed oncoming insects over the car body. Subsequently, it turned out that the deflector has other useful properties.

In Russia, the fashionable novelty was initially used only for decorative purposes. In this regard, deflectors for foreign cars and domestic cars did not pass any conformity tests, quality control, etc.d. Proven manufacturers test their products in wind tunnels, as they realize that, first of all, they should perform not decorative, but utilitarian functions.

The correct structure and composition of materials affect the performance properties of deflectors. Chemists are constantly looking for polymers that would make the product light, wear-resistant and durable, because it has to withstand considerable loads. Quality products cope not only with insects, but also with mud, sand and even stones.

Many drivers suffer from the fact that in the process of driving from under the wheels of the car in front, dirt, gravel, sand flies into the windshield. Stones on the hood leave scratches and even dents. A well-calculated deflector redirects the airflow with such force that slush, spray, sand and small stones fly over the car body.

With all this, external attractiveness does not interfere with the performance of practical functions. The installation of this part makes the appearance of the car more solid or sporty, depending on the size, design features and materials used. Manufacturers offer consumers a huge range of colors, textures and decorative solutions.

It remains only to choose the product that is suitable in terms of dimensions and characteristics. Most car companies offer branded accessories in addition. Experts recommend preferring products of the same brand as the car. This will avoid discrepancies in size, mounting method, performance characteristics and guarantees the good quality of components.

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