Why people are prone to overeating

A lot of people overeaters every day. At the same time, people do not even notice that they have grown. The reasons for overeating are very different. A person can count even under a TV – this is the use of chips, popcorn, a second portion of a delicious pie after dinner. In most cases, men overeat. To get rid of overeating, you need to understand the reason why overeating appeared. It is possible that overeating is a hidden problem, not the very cause of overeating. Overeating, what is it?

Before you establish that you need to make sure that this habit is not related to the problems of your health. Cross of food can contribute to food disorder. If you do not take any measures, then this can lead to serious health problems, ranging from diabetes and ending with heart disease. Very often the need for food is associated with depression or guilt. Such people are trying to eat alone so that no one knows about their habit.

Overeating is a kind of abuse of food. In this case, a person eats even when he does not feel a feeling of hunger. In most cases, men do not even notice that they overeat and do not consider it a problem. Reasons why people overeat a lot. I’ll tell you about the reasons for overeating.

Irritation and stress

Every person in his life is faced with stress. You can get stress at work, study, even in the family. Having received stress, some people begin to bite their nails, and some begin to eat immensely. Women more often than men suffer from emotional overeating. And men get rid of their problems with their favorite dishes. Negative emotions received at work affect appetite. With the help of food, men are fooling about despair. After all, a feeling of filled stomach for a while is able to distract from problems.


There are cases when a person eats just because he has nothing more to do. In most cases, overeating occurs under the movie watching. You take chips and get comfortable on your couch. For chips, the film seems much more interesting.

In addition, delicious food can bring pleasure to a person. This is such an entertainment. But you should remember that overeating will not benefit you.

Rejection of a bad habit

When a person wants to quit drinking or smoking, he begins to eat more quietly for himself. In such a situation, this is not the best option. However, it is much better than smoking or drinking alcohol. But if you want, you can use other methods of getting rid of bad habits.

Social and cultural norms

The culture of some countries contributes to overeating. It is accepted that a man can eat four portions. And the most interesting thing is that this will not be considered overeating. Thus, some cultures express respect for the cook. Often, food supply is associated with social events. During watching a film at the cinema, almost everyone buy popcorn. This has become a kind of tradition. It is customary to drink beer with friends with salted nuts or chips. And there is no getting away from this. In addition, men love to eat something and while watching football matches on TV. If men watch football at the stadium, then they can easily eat hot dog or pizza and drink a bottle of beer. But after this should not be surprised where the extra pounds could come from.

Society for excess weight in men is softer than to excess weight in women. Thanks to this, most men do not follow what and when they eat. They have no need to stay slim.

To eat is to make a pleasant woman

Often men eat a lot to make their beloved pleasant. Having eaten a portion, he can ask for an supplement so as not to offend a woman who tried, cooked. So that the woman does not feel that she was underestimated, men eat greatly. It is because of this that a very recently thin slender guy married begins to gain weight. But it is not necessary to eat two portions. You can just say that it was very tasty.

How to avoid overeating

If you know why you are overeating, you can try to change your behavior and return to a healthier lifestyle. If you begin to eat less, then reduce the risk of the disease of the cardiovascular system and do not gain extra pounds.

In order not to overeat from boredom, you need to leave watching the TV and look for another lesson. At the same time, the lesson should be such that you forget about food. To do this, you can solve the crossword puzzle, take a walk and so on.

If you overeat due to stress, then you must focus all your attention on the problem that haunts you. Try to talk with your friends or family. Try to solve your problem as quickly as possible. As soon as you get rid of a problem that haunts you, you will forget about overeating.

In order to get rid of any bad habit, it is not necessary to eat immensely. You just need to find another lesson, take care of dancing or football. In general, to be distracted. If nothing happens, then try chewing chewing gum instead.

As you know with age, health worsens. You begin to lead a less mobile lifestyle. Because of this, unnecessary kilograms begin to appear. In addition, with age, calories in the body are burned much more slowly than in youth. Therefore, you must go in for sports. Try to perform simple physical exertion.