Why punch a car by license plate number: relevance and possibilities of using the service

Each car has a license plate with markings. This is such a common sight that probably everyone knows about it. The license plates must be legible so that in the event of a crime it is easy to identify the car and its owner. But even in peacetime, you can learn a lot from the number. License plate lookup, also known as license plate search, is simply a treasure trove of information.

What can you find out?

  1. Details of the person to whom the number is registered. First and last name, registration address, contacts left when registering the car. And also the number of owners.
  2. Vehicle data – VIN number, for example, which allows you to get even more information.
  3. Car history: presence and number of accidents, mileage, use in a taxi, etc.
  4. Current condition of the car. The car may have fines, it may be pawned or even stolen. The search will also show information about technical inspections and insurance policies.

Who needs verification?

The information is really useful. But to whom? The police, for example. Law enforcement agencies use license plate search to find stolen cars, witnesses, and criminals. Private detectives use searches for the same purposes. The work of a private detective is complex and involves far more than just spying on unfaithful husbands. Detectives investigate crimes in the same way and rely on the same techniques.

The data that can be obtained by car number is incredibly useful for potential car buyers. Car owners trying to sell their property often lie about the number of accidents, mileage and do not even say that the car is pledged. The buyer checks himself and either makes sure of the seller’s integrity, or ends the deal.

Where to check?

There are many services for checking domestic cars. Where to check foreign ones? VINdecoderz will help with American cars. The search is conveniently divided by state: each US state has its own license plate format, and there is simply no universal database. To search, just enter the state and number. The curious person will receive the necessary information instantly.

By using VINdecoderz, visitors agree to act within the law and maintain data confidentiality. Collecting information for entertainment is unethical, but checking before purchasing is a completely different matter. For conscientious users there is a user-friendly interface and incredible speed. The information is accurate, complete and free.