you will have a child!

The news of the onset of pregnancy is always a shock! Especially about the first. Read the article on our website “The first signs of pregnancy”. And, regardless of whether the conception of a child was planned, or the pregnancy came as a complete surprise to you, the birth of a new life is associated not only with worries and troubles, but also with many new discoveries.

During pregnancy, the relationship between parents and the unborn baby is established – an emotional connection is being established. Long before birth, he receives your love and care: you talk about him, imagine pictures of the future filled with sonorous children’s laughter. Oh, what an exciting moment when you find out the gender of the child and give him a name! Here you can calculate the gender of the baby. The maternal instinct, which includes a lot of mysteries, already during pregnancy gives the first, still inexplicable signs. Those feelings that descend on you along with motherhood are priceless. Through the sacrament of birth, you will have access to all the countless possibilities that life hides in itself.

From a medical point of view, you become a mother at the moment when the umbilical cord connecting two lives is cut. But the “spiritual umbilical cord” between you and the baby is the most inextricable and mysterious connection in the human world, transmitting signals of tenderness and love not only during pregnancy (“Fetal development by weeks”), but throughout the rest of your life. We will help you learn a lot about your future baby, find answers to the most exciting questions and prepare for the birth of happiness.

There can be a huge number of positive emotions and favorable moments in life, but at the same time there is something worth living for and giving up some habits, and these are children. Children are the flowers of life Toddlers are the brightest thing that every person can get, since every woman and man wants children, but in order to get healthy offspring, […]

October 12, 2014

Sooner or later, a child is born in a young family, and young parents must first make a lot of efforts in order to raise and educate him. Older relatives, as well as a variety of literature and pediatrician advice, will help with this. Pregnancy planning and childbirth Pregnancy of a woman, even if it was planned, is often unexpected, but always […]

March 4, 2014

The child will be easy at school if his parents prepare him well. Teaching to read is the most important task, the fulfillment of which develops memory, enriches vocabulary and teaches to think logically. The sooner the better The authors of the latest psychological and pedagogical research agree that it is better to teach a child to read at an early preschool age. Three years is considered the best time to start studying. […]

February 3, 2014

Many couples have repeatedly wondered: “How to get pregnant?» Turned for help to doctors, acquaintances, psychics… Someone advises certain positions for conception, someone recommends adhering to a strict diet, doctors insist on undergoing a medical course of treatment and passing all kinds of tests, psychologists offer to distract from obsessive thoughts about pregnancy and change the situation! Sometimes, having heard a lot of different advice and […]

December 22, 2013

New Year is a time of miracles New Year is a unique family holiday. He brings together children, parents, grandparents. Elderly people, looking at their grandchildren, understand that the past childhood has not gone away forever, but is repeated and will forever be repeated in the heirs. Children, in turn, at such moments realize and feel the inextricable link between generations, learn to enjoy mutual understanding and gratitude. […]

December 18, 2013

Ahead of the long-awaited and beloved New Year holidays! Each of us is preparing for the New Year, thinking about what to give, what outfit to choose, what to cook for the festive table. And here lies the danger of gaining extra pounds, because how to resist a delicious salad, a charming hot dish, fragrant pastries… The task is not an easy one, and yet everyone vied with each other […]

December 17, 2013

In our life, there are situations when you need to make a decision and, accordingly, action at lightning speed. Delay threatens with serious complications and threats to the health of mother and baby. A “cheat sheet” has been prepared for you on what and how to do in emergency situations. What to do if the thermometer breaks? In this case, no panic, but only lightning-fast, decisive action. From the room where the […]

November 22, 2013

Until recently, to determine the giftedness of a person, there was only one measurement scale – the intelligence quotient (IQ). Despite all the attacks and criticism, this system has lasted for many decades and is still the main one in determining the abilities and mental development of children. But not so long ago, scientists found that the results of IQ tests reflect only part of the picture. Why, for example, […]

November 13, 2013

Doctors have been arguing for a long time and still disagree about what neurosis is. So, a whole group of diseases is called neurosis. With neurosis, the baby has increased anxiety, problems in mastering new knowledge and skills, tics, fears, obsessions, behavior that is very difficult for adults and the child himself. Many experts agree that any […]